Spring Forward!

This weekend the days will get longer.  Well not really, there will just be a time change.  Here at Monroe, things will be getting crazier and crazier as the year draws to a close.  Seniors are anxiously awaiting the next big thing in their lives.  I always find this a very emotional time.  So many goodbyes.  The library has been really busy since the fire in S Hall.  During 7th & 8th Yearbook Staff have pretty much taken over the library.  As well as students who are w/o a class.  The library will close two weeks early this year b/c I will be conducting  an inventory for the first time in years.  Have a great Spring Break Monroe Staff and Students! Remember:  What goes on in Monroe Library stays in Monroe Library.


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Welcome Back Monroe Students and Staff!

The Library has been open to students since the first day of school.  I am thankful that the district has funded the teacher librarian this year because the library is the intellectual soul of the school.  Many students use the library for a quiet place to study,  to find interesting books to read or to use the Internet to complete assignments.  The library has books for all levels of readers and interests.  I believe if students are provided with interesting reading materials, they will read.  Unfortunately, all library funding has been discontinued by the district.  In order to maintain our collection, we are asking for donations.  You can visit Amazon and see our current Wish List.  PLEASE BUY A BOOK FOR YOUR LIBRARY!

Don’t forget to visit the Monroe Library Portal to browse our extensive collection of resources for teachers, students and parents.  I am available to plan,create and team teach lessons in all subject areas.  Teachers:  you may send  students to the library to work or read quietly. 

All 9th grade English teachers should send me an email to request orientation.

To reserve the library, check the library calendar first, then email me.

I wish you all a prosperous, productive and rewarding school year.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Ms. Scherr
Monroe HS
Teacher Librarian




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Books, Projects & Vacation!


New Books have arrived!  Some of the titles:

  • I Am Number Four by  Pittacus Lore
  • The Power of Six by  Pittacus Lore
  • Inheritance (Book 4 of the Eragon Series)   Christopher Paolini
  • Columbine
  • 13 Moons by Charles Frazier
  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Molokai by Allan Brennert
  • Maximum Ride “Angel”  by James Patterson
  • Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
  • Getting the Girl by Marcus Zuszak
  • Fairy Tales of Norway

Ms Scherr collaborated with Ms. Margolis to create a research report on Recreational Drugs:   You can see the details of the lesson on Wikispace’s Library Lessons

If you would like to come visit the library with your class, please  fill out a request form on the main website.  I am available for collaboration on all subjects at all grade levels.

By now, all of the 9th grade English Classes should have had Library Orientation.  I also would encourage teachers to take advantage of Reading Counts!  See Ms. Scherr in the Library to set up an account.

Hope everyone had a Grateful Thanksgiving. 

The end of the semester and 2011 is near.  May you have a peaceful, restful and safe Christmas Vacation.



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Back to School Book Sale!

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What’s New This Year?

Library  Orientation for all 9th graders is now taking place.  English teachers please sign up.

Coming Soon:  Library Fundraiser Book Sale

  • Teachers can now easily sign up for  Scholastic Reading Counts by contacting the library. 
  • Student can now access Reading Counts from the library computers or website.

Please see Ms. Scherr in the Library for details!

  • Also, Monroe HS now subscribes to Discovery Streaming Video and thousands of videos!

Book Club meets every Friday at lunch in the library.  We need to order tee shirts  and buttons. Please return any books you checked out during the summer.

Music & Poetry :  Want to showcase your talents??  Wednesday’s at lunch  come participate in music and poetry in the library. (Teachers and Students Welcome) Tickets will be given out on Monday’s.  Please see Ms. Scherr in the library to sign up.

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April 5th

Congratulations Chess Tournament Winners:

1st Place Juan Maganalles

2nd Place Rafael Gamab

3rd Place Ray Capili

Come visit the library at lunch!  Relax, read a book, play chess, study or just browse the stacks.  You are always welcome!

Coming soon:  Book Trailers by Library Practice Students!

Watch LAUSD Teacher Librarians Rule!


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March 24, 2011

The Chess Club tournament finals take place today.  Chess club members include Ray Capili, Daniel Rafalov, Rafael Gamab, Carlos Sandoval, Duc Ly, Michael Khoury, Rodrigo Arias, Jonathan Garzon, Yubin Koh, Juan Magallanes, Arsal Zaheer and Mark Miller.   Winners will be announced tomorrow.

Book Club meets this Friday at Lunch.

Teachers:  Discarded videotapes and books are available in A-9.  First come, first serve.

The Library is in Danger of being closed next year.  Please call the LAUSD and voice your support for the library.

Or email board members:  (LaMotte and Zimmer were the only members to vote no to lay-offs)

Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte   margauerite.lamotte@lausd.net

Monica Garcia   monica.garcia@lausd.net

Tamar Galatzan    tamar.galatzan@lausd.net

Dr. Richard Vladovic   richard.vladovi@lausd.net

Steve Zimmer    steve.zimmer@lausd.net

Yolie Flores  yolie.flores@lausd.net

Nury Martinez   nury.martinez@lausd.net

John Deasy:   john.deasy@lausd.net

Ramon Cortines:   ramon.cortines@lausd.net



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