March 15, 2011

It’s National Book Week! Post a quote from page 56 sentence 5 of any book you are reading.  Here is mine:  ” While he waited for Hoerni’s check to clear, Mortensen converted everything he owned into enough cash to buy a plane ticket and pay his expenses for however long he’d have to be in Pakistan.”

Chess Club is going strong every day at lunch!  The first tournament will be on Monday, March 21.

Book Club meets every Friday but will not meet this Friday, March 17th because Ms. Scherr is going to the Cue Conference.

Book Club is reading “A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines”.

Please join the Monroe Reads!  Book Club Group at

Ms. Stepter brought her Period 2 class in today to use Career Cruising.

Mr. Gam will bring his Period 4 & 5  classes in to do research on Notable Education Court Cases.

1 New Novel came in today:  Sapphique by Catherine Fisher.  This is the sequel to Incarceron.

Library Practice Student are hard at work creating book talks in i movie and posting to Voicethread.

Thank you to all students who make the library a wonderful place to be.




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