Welcome Back Monroe Students and Staff!

The Library has been open to students since the first day of school.  I am thankful that the district has funded the teacher librarian this year because the library is the intellectual soul of the school.  Many students use the library for a quiet place to study,  to find interesting books to read or to use the Internet to complete assignments.  The library has books for all levels of readers and interests.  I believe if students are provided with interesting reading materials, they will read.  Unfortunately, all library funding has been discontinued by the district.  In order to maintain our collection, we are asking for donations.  You can visit Amazon and see our current Wish List.  PLEASE BUY A BOOK FOR YOUR LIBRARY!

Don’t forget to visit the Monroe Library Portal to browse our extensive collection of resources for teachers, students and parents.  I am available to plan,create and team teach lessons in all subject areas.  Teachers:  you may send  students to the library to work or read quietly. 

All 9th grade English teachers should send me an email to request orientation.

To reserve the library, check the library calendar first, then email me.

I wish you all a prosperous, productive and rewarding school year.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

Ms. Scherr
Monroe HS
Teacher Librarian





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